What's Christian's deal?


Christian Gaffney is a sympathetic young fellow of conviction on a lifelong quest to Do It All.

He grew up on the mean streets of the Lower East Side: paper-bagging 40s at the bodega, moshing with the punkers and balling with the shot-callers.

Time passed. He moved to Berlin in 2015, where he is currently pursuing fame and fortune in the arts.

A firm believer that Money Isn't A Thing, Christian makes it his business to work for The Man as little as possible. But when Euros are scarce, he'll sell his soul to the highest bidder and churn out dope motion graphics and tight layouts of the highest quality.

On his off days you can find Christian reading a novel by the fire, tip-tapping his thoughts at the typewriter, tending to his herbarium, restocking the wine cellar, enjoying a bit of sport and generally appreciating life's Finer Things. 



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