Design Work


motion graphics

As a freelancer, I've been working to expand on my background in editorial design to include motion graphics & video projects. Using AfterEffects, I've created short videos, animations and text graphics for corporate clients, startups and personal projects.



fast company

From 2013 to 2015 I worked at Fast Company as a designer and art director. During my time at the award-winning business-media magazine I wore many hats; my responsibilities included designing for print & tablet, commissioning and art directing illustrators, and working with the dev team to design and implement special online issues and features. The culmination of my time at Fast Company was working as lead designer on a special project with Adobe to design FC's first ever standalone iOS app, which would become the template for Adobe's industry-leading digital publishing system. 




Despite my complete lack of knowledge of all things fashion & beauty, my first job after college was working as a designer for Glamour magazine. As the youngest member of the team, I was responsible for the design of the brand new iPad edition of the magazine, a task that entailed designing hundreds of pages per month in both vertical and horizontal formats. The results were more stylish & beautiful than I could ever hope to be.




My first major project after leaving the magazine industry was launching a startup,, with the once-CTO of Fast Company, Matt Mankins. From our Berlin studio, we attempted to revolutionize the broken system of online advertising with a subscription-based ad-blocker that allowed the user to buy their own online ads and fill them with the content of their choice. As co-founder, I was responsible for the branding, design and marketing of the fledgling company. 



mom's 50th birthday book

Lest you think that I only design for the money or the fame, I've included a project to tug at your heart-strings and demonstrate what a sympathetic young man I am. Behold, the booklet I designed for my Mother's 50th birthday, a collection of 50 reasons why she is loved and 50 typographic and visual interpretations of the number 50. Love you Mom!